About Us

If you look up “Grassroots organizations” in the dictionary, there ought to be a picture of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates because it defines what a grassroots organization is.  MVHCA is an all-volunteer, community-based organization that has been kept going through the energy and personal resources of its dedicated founders, leaders and supporters.  Its primary purpose at its founding in the early 1990s was to educate and advocate for decent, affordable health care for all Oregonians. And we think that involves something like Single Payer health care, combined with a change from  the wasteful “fee-for-service” model to a “performance-based” health care delivery model that promotes and rewards integration and efficiency.

The fact that MVHCA is still active more than 20 years later provides compelling evidence as to the commitment and resiliency of the people involved, as well as to the resistance faced in achieving health care reform.  And MVHCA is committed to staying the course – we won’t “stop thinking about tomorrow” until Oregon, and hopefully the rest of the country, adopts the only comprehensive health care reform that makes sense: Single Payer/Universal/Medicare-for-All.  To do that, MVHCA has to evolve when change is called for – and we are at one of those periods.  

In March, 2012, a call went out among MVHCA stalwarts that it was time to make a change in the way MVHCA was organized.  Over its two decades of existence, the organization had been sustained by a few leaders – some of whom you can read about on MVHCA’s website under “MVHCA History” – and those leaders were becoming more and more active in helping to develop a strong foundation for a new statewide organization, Health Care for All Oregon.  So, after quite a bit of thinking and talking, and several subsequent phone calls, MVHCA gathered four people to fill the roles of a new Executive Committee.

As the new Executive Committee settles into its responsibilities, its goal is to continue to spread the word about the need for health care reform and to grow the organization to expand participation throughout Mid-Willamette Valley. To do this, one vital ingredient is needed:  people like you.  If you’re already involved, we can’t thank you enough – it’s your energy that keeps MVHCA going. If you’re looking for something valuable and significant to do, you’ve come to the right place.  There’s plenty to do, and we welcome you wherever and however you want to contribute  - check out our Volunteer Opportunities or Contact Us if you have other ideas about how we can advance the cause of Universal health care.