Reports from the Oregon Public Health Association’s 71st meeting, by MVHCA chair, Bobbi Hall

Two reports from the Oregon Public Health Association’s recent meetings are archived here—each about 55 minutes long. They consist of interview-conversations with Sen. Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, a leading member of the Senate Health committee (in Part 1); Sen. Jeff Merkley, of the US Senate (in Part 2); Alberto Moreno, director of the Oregon Latino Health Coalition (in Part 2); and many other short interviews that give a flavor of the interests of public health professionals.

Building a Healthy Community

A 4-hour forum in Albany, Oregon, on Jan. 25, 2016, brought together health and housing experts working to address the social determinants of health, one major issue being inadequate or outright unhealthy housing. This audio link takes you to a 26-minute summary, including statements by public health people, CCO representatives, and Housing agency representatives about how they all are working together differently, since the inception of the expanded Oregon Health Plan—and what they hope to do next.