Welcome to Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates brand-new (as of July 12, 2012) website!  What you’ll find here is only a beginning, under construction, of an information-education resource for people interested in the topic of health care reform. Because we intend to continually add new information, notices, data, this website won’t be finished (until we can declare ‘victory’ in the name of health care reform), but you can look for it to evolve in looks and content over the next weeks and months as we continue to put “clay on the frame.” .

One of the things you will find on the website already available to our readers is a “Contact Us” page to do exactly that: if you have suggestions about website content, or if you have computer graphic skills to offer, or if you have questions about anything regarding health care reform, let us know and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.  

So, with our thanks to Courtney Childs, one of MVHCA’s volunteers and health care reform advocates, for getting our website up and running, our Executive Committee is pleased to bring down the metaphorical bottle of champagne over the imaginary bow of MVHCA’s new website to give it a proper launching.

Welcome aboard!

-Bud Laurent, Chair