HB 2922 Moves to Health Care Committee

The Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Plan (HB 2922) would cover all Oregon residents with no co-payments, deductibles, or premiums and be funded by dedicated taxes, based on ability to pay. We believe that universal health care will result in a healthier population, a more prosperous economy, and a better business environment for the state. 
Information on progress: http://openstates.org/or/bills/2013%20Regular%20Session/HB2922/
text of the bill: http://www.leg.state.or.us/13reg/measpdf/hb2900.dir/hb2922.intro.pdf
The bill has been referred to the House Health Care Committee. The members are Mitch Greenlick (Democrat, District 33, Portland), Alissa Keny-Guyer (Democrat, District 46, Portland), Jim Thompson (Republican, District 23, east of I-5), Brian Clem (Democrat, District 21, Salem), Jason Conger (Republican, District 54, Bend), Chris Harker (Democrat, District 34, Beaverton), Bill Kennemer (Republican, District 39, Oregon City), John Lively (Democrat, District 12, Springfield), and Jim Weidner (Republican, District 24, Yamhill).

If you live in any of these committee members’ districts, please let them know of your support for HB 2922, and urge them to vote for the bill.
HB 2922 endorsed
PNHP Portland has applied for and received the Oregon Public Health Association's official endorsement of HB2922 and their pledge to support it as it moves through the process.  

The HCAO Legislative Committee is: tracking HB 2922 and the accompanying financial study; preparing for the HB 2922 hearing; seeking a pollster to establish a baseline for our efforts. Visit http://hcao.org/health-care-legislation/ for updates on the HCAO legislative campaign. Lou Sinniger, Chair, HCAO Legislative Committee