Oregon's unique health care exchange: COVER OREGON

More than one hundred and seventy persons crammed into the Corvallis Public Library on Tuesday, August 20th to obtain the latest information about Oregon's unique health insurance exchange, COVER OREGON.  Liz Baxter, Chair of the board of directors of Cover Oregon, opened with her perspective on the forum's topic: “Oregon's Heath Insurance Exchange...what does it mean for you and your family?”   Onofre Contreras, Cover Oregon Stakeholder Engagement staff, emphasized easier access to comprehensive health insurance information and simpler enrollment procedures through the Cover Oregon website and phone connection which are currently operating: www.coveroregon.org and 1-855-268-3767.

Dr. Ralph Prows, CEO of Oregon's Health CO-OP, described the unique features and services of this Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan.  Participants in the audience were particularly enthusiastic about the availability of naturopaths for primary care services through Oregon's Health CO-OP.

Recently elected chair of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, Ron Green, deftly handled numerous questions from participants during the two-hour forum, which was recorded and will be available soon for local groups to inform their members and the public.  Contact Ron Green to arrange use of the recording.