An Interview with Dr. Martin Luther King's Doctor

At age 90, Dr. Quentin Young remembers one patient he had in 1965 particularly well.

“I have a cherished picture of him taken when he was at a march on the South Side. I went to several marches with him when he was here in Chicago. And he did visit me as my patient, but he didn’t get sick very much. He was a very healthy person.”

That patient was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now, more than half a century after Dr. King’s marches in Chicago, injustice in healthcare remains the focus of Dr. Young’s sense of service. “People have better access [to healthcare] now, but not equal access,” he told us. Dr. Young is an advocate of a single-payer system, which he sees as integral to leveling an uneven playing field. “With a single-payer system, there’s no segregation of black and poor people.”

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