Letter: On Behalf of Cover Oregon

While advocating for publicly funded universal health care, MVHCA is also taking a keen interest in the roll out of the ACA. Roberta Hall serves on the Cover Oregon Consumer Advisory Committee and keeps us informed of their activities. Here is Roberta's Letter to the Editor Published in the Oregonian on August 30, 2014.

Affordable Care Act: As a member of Cover Oregon's Consumer Advisory Committee, I am concerned that only the costs of Cover Oregon are noted in The Oregonian's coverage ("Cover Oregon bill keeps on growing," Aug. 29). Yet thanks to the Affordable Care Act, individuals are not denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions and offspring are covered on their parents' plans until age 26. More than 300,000 people have received coverage due to expanded Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan). Our politicians lacked the political will to enact universal coverage wherein the costs of enrolling people would be minuscule, and elected to simply reform and keep insurance. Still, Oregon compares very favorably with other states on reducing the uninsured rate and on the low cost of insurance through the exchange. Let's celebrate this, and move ahead.

Roberta Hall