Highlights from the recent workshop: Will Video Add Value to Your Organization?

“Will video add value to your organization?” was the theme of a workshop put on by media producer John Friedlander, and sponsored by the Health Equity Alliance Friday, Jan. 29.  Mike Huntington and Bobbi Hall of MVHCA joined a number of others from organizations such as Odd Fellows, Benton County Health Department, Albany Inreach, Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, Marys River Grange, Samaritan Health, Veterans for Peace, Pacific Green Party, the housing team of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, various early learning advocates, and Coast to Corvallis Trail (C2C), learn how videos can tell their stories and reach potential supporters. John Friedlander, pictured below, who also serves as the director of program development at Corvallis Community Access Television (CCAT29.org), put a huge amount of information into the three-hour morning session — and made it enjoyable too. After showing that video today is essential to any organization that needs to get its message out, he presented the basics: how to conceive, plan, and produce a video that is successful.

John Friedlander

Most of the workshop class stayed to be part of the photo below. John Friedlander is in the middle of the front row and behind him to the left is Karen Keon. She has led the Health Equity Alliance to provide many successful programs, some co-sponsored with Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates.  The Alliance helped to publicize the Health and Housing program on Jan. 25, also reported in this newsletter.