Rally for Health Care - Sunday, January 15, 2 PM Benton County Courthouse

The January 15 health care rally at the Benton County Courthouse was a great success! Thank you to all who attended. Photos by Mike Huntington below.

Mid Valley Healthcare Advocates invites you to join a rally on to 2 p.m. Facebook event details here.
Last week members of Congress introduced a bill that if passed will strip away health care for 30 million Americans - over 80 percent of whom are working families.

People already suffering will suffer more if Congress proceeds as planned.  They are our neighbors, our parents and children, our coworkers, our own community.

Before Congress destroys the health care of millions of people they need to show us a plan that helps ALL Americans – not one that pushes more costs onto families, strips health care from them, and rolls back important patient protections.

Come rally with us!  We will have signs, t-shirts, andhospital gowns for you to carry or wear.