We need you to submit your written support for Single Payer health care in Oregon to the Legislature - and we ask that you do this before May 10th!  Representative Dembrow's Single Payer health care bill (HB2922) will be heard before the Health Care Committee on May 13th at the State Capitol.  Oral testimony in favor of HB2922 will be presented by selected panels of speakers being assembled by HCAO, but written testimony can - and should - be submitted by as many supporters as possible.  An avalanche of written testimony will get the message across to legislators:  "The time has come to create a Single Payer system in Oregon!"


Please read on for further important information on how to submit written testimony: 

HB 2922 will be the only bill on the Health Care Committee agenda for May 13.  The committee will hear public testimony from 1-2:45 PM in Hearing Room E.  Written testimony should be submitted in a PDF format that identifies in the title who the submitter is.  Those should be e-mailed to Debbie Malone @ with “HB 2922 Testimony” in the subject line.  All written testimony must be received by noon on May 10 in order to be on the record.  They will not accept written testimony during the hearing.

Here are some suggested "talking points" for HB2922:
1) Everybody will be "in" and receives the health care they need- WHEN they need it.
2) No more deaths due too no or little health insurance.
3) No more foreclosures because of medical bills.
4) No more medical postponements resulting in worse conditions.
5) Stop market based inflationary medical practices.
6) People will still be able to choose their medical providers.
7) Take health care off the bargaining table.
8) Stop "defensive medical care" which unnecessarily increases costs.
9) Reduce administrative costs.
10) Single payer will reduce employer costs.
11) No more out of pockets, high deductibles, co-pays, and limits.

12) No one loses health care when the lose or change jobs.

ALSO:  If you want to attend the hearing and make your support manifest, join your fellow MVHCA Advocates riding the bus on the morning of May 13th!  See the post below for more information.  We can take up to 52 riders!

Mid-Valley “Rallies the Troops”

If you were among the 80+ people who rode the bus from Corvallis to Salem and back to participate in the February Single Payer Health Care rally – or wanted to go but couldn’t – here’s another opportunity to make your presence felt at the State Capitol. Mark your calendars for May 13th!

The Single Payer Health Care bill (HB 2922) is scheduled to be heard before the Health Care Committee, and Salem needs to see – and hear – that the grassroots support for Health Care for All is growing. MVHCA is again reserving a large yellow bus to take Single Payer supporters to Salem and back – and you won’t find a more convenient and inexpensive way to make the trip. (If you live in Albany, you can be picked up and dropped off there.)

So, come join us! Contact MVHCA’s bus maven, Bobbi Hall, at to let her know to save a seat for you. And don’t wait – we expect to fill the bus!

The bus will be leaving from the Corvallis Unitarian Universalist parking lot (2945 NW Circle) at 9:30 AM, and departing for home from Salem at 3:30 PM. There is no required fee for the trip, but MVHCA welcomes a $10 donation per rider to help defray the cost of the bus rental.

We hope to see you on the bus on May 13th!
see the Health Care for All -- Oregon website for more info

Exciting News Out of Salem!

HB 3260 was voted out of the House Committee on Health Care unanimously on Friday. The bill calls for a comparative study of health care financial models, including ours.

The April 5 hearing on this bill received testimony from co-sponsors Dembrow and Williamson, expert testimony, and 25 letters of support from legislators, organizations, businesses, and individuals. A number of HCAO observers later visited their representatives.
Amendments to the bill included deleting the word public from the potential funding sources. 
Tracking the two House Bills introduced by Representatives Michael Dembrow (D), District 45, and Jennifer Williamson (D), District 36, has kept the HCAO Legislative/Policy Committee very busy. 
(See for details of both bills.)
The other, HB 2922, The Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Plan, offers a publicly funded plan to cover everyone living or working in Oregon. It would give everyone the opportunity to have their health care needs cared for by a certified medical provider of their choice. The results of HB 3260 will let us know how much money will need to be raised through progressive taxation to fund the plan, and how much it will save us.
The hearing for HB 2922 will be May 13 (Monday) at 1 p.m., probably in Hearing Room E. We are recruiting experts to testify, and we hope for a good turnout of red-shirted supporters. Here is the schedule:
9:30 a.m.: Training for lobbying, Room 50
10-12 a.m.: Lobby legislators
12-1 p.m.: Lunch (on your own)
1-3 p.m.: Hearing on HB 2922, House Committee on Health Care, Room E
3-3:30 p.m.: Debrief, Room 50
--Lou Sinniger, chair HCAO Legislative Committee