Maine House OKs Studying Single-Payer Health Care System

Oregon Passed One Too But It Still Needs Funding

The Associated Press

AUGUSTA – Maine’s Democratic-controlled House has given initial approval to a proposal to have the state examine whether to implement a universal health insurance coverage system.

The House voted 91-52 in favor of the bill Tuesday that would direct the state to contract with a consultant who would study options for establishing a single-payer system in Maine and submit a proposal to the Legislature.

Single-payer advocates have long been trying to implement the model in Maine with little success. They say a single-payer system will cut costs by streamlining the health insurance process and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

But critics say the state should focus its resources on providing care to the elderly and the poor and question how the state could afford universal health care. Link

Note: In 2013, the Oregon Legislature passed a similar bill that will study 4 different ways of paying for health care for everyone in the state. This study was not provided with state funding, so donors are needed to help ensure that this study is implemented. Link

The Northwest Health Foundation is the fiscal agent to whom all HB 3260 health care study donations should be directed.

Checks should be made out to “Northwest Health Foundation Fund II” and designated “HB 3260 Health Care Financing Study” and sent to:

Northwest Health Foundation
221 NW Second Ave, Suite 300
Portland, Oregon 97209

All donations are tax-deductible.
If for any reason the study is not attempted, what happens to contributions?
In the unhappy event the study is not attempted, all contributions will be returned to donors.
Who can answer questions about this study?
Please contact Samuel Metz, MD at or (503) 754-1329.