New Report Recommends Ways to Improve the Medicare Enrollment System

Medicare Rights Center Identifies Pitfalls and Problems with Enrolling in Medicare Part B

This week, the Medicare Rights Center released a report detailing common enrollment challenges facing people new to the Medicare program. As the Baby Boom generation ages into Medicare, an estimated 10,000 people become Medicare eligible each day, while an increasing share of older adults are delaying retirement beyond age 65.

  • Enhancing notification and education for people new-to-Medicare.
  • Reforming the Medicare enrollment periods to eliminate needless gaps in the start of health coverage.
  • Strengthening avenues for relief, giving greater opportunity for retroactive enrollment and the elimination of premium penalties.
  • Conducting more research on how many people are affected by Medicare enrollment challenges and how many will be potentially affected in the future. 

Full article and link to report here.