The Health Care Movie

Attention Advocates:  Late notice just received that The Health Care Movie is coming back to Corvallis, showing at the Darkside Theater this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings at 7 pm.  If you missed it earlier this year, it's worth making an effort to fit it into your schedule now.  The Darkside is sharing the profits with Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates - thank you, Paul!

The Health Care Movie:  "In Canada, healthcare is regarded as a social service, and treated as a responsibility of the government, to be provided to every citizen.

Not so in the United States. In America, health care is regarded as a profit-making commodity, to be operated for the financial gain of insurance and pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals.

This documentary considers how it came to be that the two systems ended up in such different places.. It explores the health care system in Canada: how it came to be, how it works for ordinary Canadians, how it is paid for, and how it compares to its American counterpart."

See the event on Facebook.  Click 'join' to show you are going and to invite your friends.

2 more Medicare Birthday items

On Monday, August 19th at 11:30 am, Bobbi Hall's KBOO program is on the Medicare Birthday PartyKBOO's new fm number in the mid-valley region is 104.3 (much better reception with this new translater).  This 28 minute program will have music, edited talks, and some interviews.  After it airs (Monday afternoon or so) you can listen to the program online anytime at

Also, see Maegan Prentice's lively video on our Medicare Birthday party, which highlights the writers' board.  Find out what the visitors thought!

Community Conversation -- Patient-Centered Primary Care Home

Below is another event to put on your calendar.  It wil be a great opportunity to learn more about your CCO and ask questions and be involved!

Public meeting in Albany, Mon., Mar. 4

InterCommunity Health Network CCO invites you to join us to discuss the future of local health care.

  •  Location: Willamette Conference Center, Linn County Expo

  •  Time: 5:30 – 7 p.m.

 Representatives from InterCommunity Health Network CCO and local County leadership will review what steps we are taking to address the goals of better health, better care, and lower cost of care for Oregon Health Plan members.

All are welcome to attend, ask questions, and become involved. Please feel free to forward this message to others who have an interest in building healthier communities.

Rally Summary by Bud Laurent

The February 4th Rally for Health Care Reform in Salem can be characterized thus: IT WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS!! Nothing with so many moving parts ever comes off perfectly, but if there were glitches and goof-ups, they were more than compensated for by the turn-out (at least 1,000 committed supporters from ALL OVER Oregon), the level of positive energy and enthusiasm, and the general karma of the event as reflected in the faces and attitudes of all of the participants.

I am especially proud of our Mid-Valley contingent – not only did we provide more than 120 participants to the rally, but everyone with a role to play performed wonderfully- MVHCA was one well-oiled human machine! While there are many individuals responsible for creating a fantastic event, two especially stand out for achieving TWO FULL BUSES of happy riders from Corvallis and Albany, with additional riders from Newport and Bandon: Bobbi Hall and Dagmar Johnson. And – – MVHCA raised several hundred dollars by selling our new bumper stickers and “Rosie” buttons at the rally!

Congratulations to HCAO for doing a great job on their first mass event. (Dr. Mike
Huntington, as usual, knocked himself out by doing all the stage and sound system set-up.) As Corvallis’ own Dr. Hsichao Chow, president of the local PNHP chapter (and also a bus rider), was quoted as saying: “…the momentum is building!”



Here are a couple of videos in the media from the rally:

This Friday morning, February 8, the Oregon Public Health Association will unveil its legisaltive goals at the capitol.

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates LOVE Gumbo!

The local musical group by that name, that is.  On November 10th, a standing room only crowd packed the Sunnyside Up Café in Corvallis to enjoy an evening of music by Gumbo, playing in support of MVHCA and its mission of Single Payer health care.  Organized by a group named Second Saturdays, and sponsored by Veterans for Peace - Linus Pauling Chapter 132, and Corvallis Alternatives to War, the event raised $500 to support the work of MVHCA.  We also sold a few more of the red “Health Care is a Human Right” tee-shirts and signed up several more potential Advocates.

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates expresses its heartfelt gratitude to musicians Sid Beam, Joe Casprowiak and Barbara Barry-Doyle; Second Saturdays organizers Gretchen Newlin, Laurie Childers, Leah Bolger and Ruth Roberts;  and the owners of Sunnyside Up Cafe for the great evening.  We’re honored to have been selected as the concert beneficiary, and the money raised will be put to good use to increase public awareness about the need for affordable, publicly-funded health care available to all.

 Hear the audio of the event!

Did you know????

11% of Benton County population speaks a language other than English at home?  And 20% of those households do not have an individual who speaks English "very well".
Approximately 20% of Benton County population is living below the federal poverty level.
Hispanic / Latino and Asian Pacific populations continue to grow.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in the county.
These are just a few samples of the comprehensive information in the  Community Health Assessment report distributed by the Benton County Health Department at its kick-off meeting of the Planning Team for the Community Health Improvement Plan, on October 23rd.

The 2012 Community Health Assessment, the first of its kind in over 10 years, synthesizes nine months of assessment and data collection by Benton County Health Department staff.  The Community Health Assessment highlights areas of excellence as well as unmet needs in Benton county.

More than fifty members of the community, representing schools, health care, community groups, cities and Benton County have been invited to begin the process of reviewing the Community Health Assessment, defining priority needs and ultimately drafting a Community Health Improvement Plan for Benton County.
Betty Johnson, member of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, is participating as one of fifteen persons representing various community groups.

It is intended that the Community Health Improvement Plan will provide guidance to the health department, its partners, and stakeholders for improving the health of the population within the community.