*Bradley, Elizabeth and Lauren Taylor.  The American Health Care Paradox:  Why Spending More Is Getting Us Less.  (2013) 

   Out of a Yale School of Public Health study, this book treats the non-medical determinants of health such as housing, environment, unemployment supports, nutrition and health education.  These are scantily provided in the U.S. compared with other developed countries, causing us to spend so much more on medical care. **Copy missing

*Brill, Steven.  America’s Bitter Pill.  (2015) 

   How the ACA was negotiated and written.  Good sense of the politics/power of legislating on health care in America.

*Freeman, Joshua.  Health, Medicine and Justice; Designing a Fair and Equitable Healthcare System (2015)

   Argues that our health care system is not designed primarily to improve health. Contrasts high-tech care with primary care, the way our doctors are educated, and the role of profit in distorting the design of the system and suggests how a new system could be designed to achieve the best health for all our people.

*Geyman, John, M.D.  Health Care Wars:  How Market Ideology and Corporate Power Are Killing Americans (2012)

   An angry book about how inappropriate the free market system is for health care.

*Geyman, John, M.D.  How Obamacare Is Unsustainable. (2015)

*Gruber, Jonathan Health Care Reform Illus. by Nathan Schreiber (2011)                                        

   A comic-book explanation of the Affordable Care Act by an econ professor at MIT who consulted extensively both on the Massachusetts reform and the ACA.

*Longman, Phillip.  Best Care Anywhere; Why VA Health Care Would Work Better for Everyone.  3rd ed. (2012)

 “This important book describes the turnaround of the VA health-care system—now widely recognized as leading the nation in terms of both quality and costs—and offers insights that will be useful to patients and to policymakers alike.”  Elliot S. Fischer, M.D. & Professor, Dartmouth Medical School.

*Potter, Wendell Deadly Spin (2010)

     A former insurance company executive, now a leading critic of the industry. Won 2011 Ridenhour Book Prize for an outstanding work of social significance.  Potter is now a senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity and blogger on health reform matters.  **Copy missing

*Reid, T. R. The Healing of America (2010)                                                                                   

   Washington Post reporter and NY Times bestselling author visits industrialized democracies around the world to provide a revelatory tour of successful, affordable universal health systems. **Copy missing

Sered, Susan; Fernandopulle, Rushika.  Uninsured in America:  Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity (2005)

  An indignant, important book about the experiences of over 40 million Americans who are without health insurance.                                                                                               

*Available in the Corvallis Public Library