Keeping Track of Vermont: articles about the implementation of Single Payer Health Care in Vermont

Vermont's Health Exchange boots out the one mutual "CO-OP" nonprofit health insurance proposed to provide competition to the "usual suspects" insurance firms.

New York state's single payer health care movement is gaining momentum!

May Day demo will confront the governor and legislature.

This comprehensive, formal report leads the way for our own Oregon HB 2922.

Vermont conducts its first economic and benefits analysis of Single Payer.

A new accounting of what Vermont's universal health care system might cost, but leaves for later how it would be paid for.

Vermont considers measures that would mitigate rising health care costs, but would not prevent hikes for lower-income Vermonters.

The largest grassroots organization in Vermont (Vermont Workers Center) argues that an income tax would be the equitable way to pay for a statewide health insurance system, but it sees a role for corporate income taxes, too.

November election gives Vermont "green light" to move forward with its health care reform

In 2011, Vermont becomes the first state to pass legislation committing their state to Single-Payer health care, declaring "health care as a human right, not a privilege.