Rules & Information

·     Contest is open to all community members.

·     Original design should represent one or more of the following themes:

-     Medicare for All

-     Single Payer is the Solution

-     Universal Access to Healthcare

-     Health Security

-     Equitable, affordable, comprehensive health care for all

·     Designs should be attractive, eye-catching, and inspire people to find out more about Medicare for All and/or join the growing movement of support.  Please see our web site to become familiar with the mission of MVHCA.  

·     Designs should be rectangular in shape, as they will be enlarged to fit on a 28” wide x 22” tall yard sign.  

·     3 semi-finalist designs will be chosen by the MVHCA board on April 15th, and the winning design will be determined by popular vote at the MVHCA General Meeting held the evening of April 22nd.  Contestant finalists will be invited to attend.  

·     Please e-mail submissions* in pdf format - along with name, mailing address, email address and phone number to:

·     All designs must be submitted by midnight on April 13, 2019.

·     $100 prize will be awarded in the form of a cashiers check. 

*Contestants agree that any entry submitted may be used by Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates to promote the mission of the organization. 

yard sign contest.jpg
Yard sign mock-up 2.jpg

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Carlin at
or 541-231-0008