MVHCA's primary goal is an affordable, comprehensive, publicly-funded, high quality, universal health care system for all Oregonians.

MVHCA celebrates 25 years of health care activism

Images from the MVHCA 25th anniversary party capture the spirit of the evening. 

The ColoradoCareYes bill will appear appear on the Colorado ballot this November; if it passes, Colorado will provide health care for all the state's residents. The party raised $3,040 for ColoradoCareYes. 

Photos by Don Hall.

MVHCA chooses new logo

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates is pleased to announce our new logo. Designed to reflect our mission — that we support health care coverage for all — the image depicts an umbrella to represent coverage and a crowd of figures meant to represent all ages and walks of life, all contained within the Oregon outline.

The logo was created by the MVHCA Communications Committee and approved by the Board at its June 2016 meeting. The designer was Shelby Holteen, of Shelby Holteen Designs. Ms Holteen’s website is

For an official version of the logo to use in any official promotional efforts on behalf of MVHCA, please contact the Communications Committee for the logo and usage guidelines.

Get Involved

We welcome your support and involvement on whatever level and in whatever way works for you!  Attending the monthly meeting on the 4th Monday evening of each month is probably the best way to learn more about the organization and find out how you might want to participate.  

There are lots of volunteer opportunities – helping with planning and arranging events, tabling at Farmers’ Markets and other public gatherings, hosting a front room conversation, writing a letter to the editor, etc.

MVHCA (Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates) and HCAO (Health Care for All Oregon) are 501(c)3 non-profit corporations and all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for wanting to support our efforts financially.  We appreciate your donation in any amount and would especially encourage you to consider becoming a sustaining donor (setting up a monthly contribution) to provide stability for MVHCA’s work going forward. 

What are those acronyms?

MVHCA – Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates
    Local volunteer activist group; member of HCAO; non-profit status
HCAO – Health Care for All Oregon Statewide organization with more than 120       member groups
HCAO-Action – is a new 501(c4) and is designed for contributions to be used        for lobbying
PNHP – Physicians for a National Health Program Nationwide organization with      very active local chapter