Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates works to establish a publicly funded, equitable, comprehensive, affordable health care system for all people in Oregon (and eventually all across the U.S.).  An affiliate member of Health Care for All - Oregon, MVHCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Based in Corvallis, MVHCA currently
includes more than 2000 advocates in the mid-valley. 

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Knock Every Door!

Join us in learning to canvass and actually practice canvassing on November 17. See Events page for more.

Every fight over the Affordable Care Act is a reminder of the bigger truth about the U.S. health care system: It's really a patchwork, not a system, because we never decided what our priorities were. Here's a look at how it developed and why it's not the kind of health care safety net other countries have.