Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates works to establish a publicly funded, equitable, comprehensive, affordable health care system for all people in Oregon (and eventually all across the U.S.).  An affiliate member of Health Care for All - Oregon, MVHCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Based in Corvallis, MVHCA currently
includes more than 2000 advocates in the mid-valley. 

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Health Care in the United States: A Right or a Privilege?

The United States is about to embark on a great challenge: how to modify the current system of providing health care coverage for its citizens. However, the fundamental underlying question remains unanswered and was rarely mentioned during the past 8 years—Is health care coverage a basic right or a privilege (regardless of how that coverage is provided or who provides it)? Until that question is debated and answered, it may not be possible to reach consensus on the ultimate goal of further health care reform. Without agreeing to the goal, measuring success will be nearly impossible. Read the full JAMA Network editorial here.

Every fight over the Affordable Care Act is a reminder of the bigger truth about the U.S. health care system: It's really a patchwork, not a system, because we never decided what our priorities were. Here's a look at how it developed and why it's not the kind of health care safety net other countries have.