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Please join MVHCA at the annual meeting, Monday, June 24, 7-9 p.m.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to elect a new chair and secretary as well as to review and celebrate the year’s successes. One such success is the passage of SB 770* on Monday, June 17, out of the Ways & Means subcommittee to the full committee with a do-pass recommendation. The MVHCA legislative committee has worked tirelessly to monitor several bills, including SB 770 over the course of the recent legislative session. Advocates have written their representatives and senators, met with them at the Capitol, and provided important testimony in favor of health care reform. A key supporter of the legislation is Senator James Manning (D-district 7). Dr. Manning was also a keynote speaker at the recent HCAO annual meeting. Join us to celebrate!

*This text links to Senator Manning’s earlier summary: SB 770A4

Read MVHCA Board member, Dr. Bruce Thomson’s column in the June 5 Corvallis Gazette Times. Thank your legislator for moving SB770A9 into Ways & Means and encourage them to approve it this session! We need everyone to call, email, or write!

See the Legislative/Oregon page for the latest contact team information.

Please note that the legislative forum set for June 13 has been postponed. Watch this space for an update.