Knock Every Door with Nurses for Medicare for All

by Nurses for Medicare for All

If you’ve had a chance to join one of our National Medicare for All Canvass Host Training Calls over the past few weeks, thank you! Be sure to check your email for next steps if you haven’t yet, or email us at our new email at for support in getting started organizing your canvass.

Nurses for Medicare for All have scheduled more upcoming canvass host trainings and will be updating this page routinely as we schedule more trainings. Our goal is to offer at least one training per week for the foreseeable future.

Click here to see our schedule of upcoming calls. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on our updating schedule.

Finally, we have heard from many of you that you’d like to forward this information to other Medicare for All activists in your networks. Please do! Again, no matter which state you live in, this training is designed so that you can adapt it to canvass for Medicare-for-All. Whether it’s a bill in your state’s legislature, a city council resolution, or demanding that your state representatives co-sponsor the national Medicare-for-All bills in Congress, you can use these skills to get to work in your community.

Thanks for being part of this fight for justice with us. We can’t wait to work with you.
In solidarity,
Nurses for Medicare for All Campaign

A story from Scotland

by Mike Huntington

I was tabling with Deborah Commins and Rafael Capiro at the Corvallis Farmers Market on July 21 when a man from Ireland stopped by. He told us about his brother who was ill enough to be in a Scottish hospital for 18 months, much of the time in an ICU. The brother did not have to worry about losing his life savings or his home as a result of his medical care. His bill for a year and a half in the hospital was $0.00. He wonders why Americans don't seem as smart as the Scots regarding health care.  Hugh tells about his brother getting care in a Scottish hospital.

The UK spends half what we do on health care and has far better outcomes overall.