Important Advocacy This Week

Friday, April 5:  The legislative hearing on House Bill 3260 (authorizing a funding feasibility study for Oregon's health care delivery system) is scheduled for next Friday, April 5, at 1:00 pm at the Capitol.  A chartered bus will take people from Corvallis and Albany to attend the hearing.  Here's how to participate:

Please arrive at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship parking lot at 11:15, for first come/first served boarding, as we will leave at 11:30 SHARP.  If we have more than 50 riders, car pooling will be organized.  We will make one stop in Albany and that will take only 5 minutes so we should get to Salem at 12:30 and have restroom and line-up time. We expect to be back in Corvallis by 4:00. People can contact Bobbi Hall (our great bus organizer) at for more information. Donations will be accepted gladly! 

Attending this hearing will provide up-to-date detailed information about House Bill 3260.  The bill requires a thorough study of universal health care systems that will meet the strict criteria of quality and choice that Mid-Valley Advocates considers important and, in addition, it requires a recommendation of the type of financing that will best fit Oregon's needs. Attendees will provide support for universal health care and will also gain insights into legislative processes and how citizens can maximize their input.  Rallies provide an outlet for enthusiasm; hearings provide deeper understandings and are equally or more valuable.

Please mark your calendars now for next Friday and plan to meet us in the UU parking lot at 11:15.

News flash:  On Monday evening, the 1st of April, the Corvallis City Council unanimously passed our  in support of HB 3260. Here is Chair Bud Laurent's thank you to the Council: 

 Dear Mayor Manning and Councilors:

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates wishes to express the gratitude of our members for your consideration of a resolution in support of HB 3260, which would commission a study on the fiscal implications of several health care delivery and administration options.  That your Council supported the resolution unanimously was particularly gratifying to MVHCA;  once again, the City of Corvallis distinguishes itself by being a leader of public opinion in Oregon.  At the hearing for the bill on April 5th in Salem, the Health Care Committee will learn of Corvallis's support for a comprehensive study of health care alternatives because your Council knows that important decisions require good information as their foundation. 

We are particularly grateful to Councilor Richard Hervey for his initiative in placing the resolution before your council.  Our local health care reform community is in his debt - and yours. 


Bud Laurent, Chair

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates