Oregon health care reform succeeds despite problems at Cover Oregon (guest opinion)

By Gil Muñoz

There’s no doubt that the Cover Oregon website has been dogged with problems since it launched last October, but the exchange’s IT problems are overshadowing a major policy success. To date, thousands of Oregonians who were previously uninsured have gained access to health care, benefiting all of us.

At the same time that Oregonians are signing up for health insurance through Cover Oregon, Community Health Centers like Virginia Garcia are working with Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) to update the way we provide care and implement cost-effective measures that improve patient outcomes. We’re establishing patients with a primary care home and providing them with a team of providers and staff who share knowledge and give patients personal attention. This team-based model of care is working for the benefit of our patients and it’s something we continue to expand and improve.

Virginia Garcia currently serves over 36,000 patients, but there are thousands of people in Washington and Yamhill counties who still don’t have access to care. To meet this growing demand, Virginia Garcia is increasing our capacity to provide services for patients where they live and work.

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