Tough Questions Session, July 26

You are invited to a Tough Questions session about single payer health care reform, Albany, Saturday July 26.


One million Oregonians need to be well informed, immunized against clever TV
ads, and in 2016 vote yes for universal single payer health care.  We can make it happen.
What: Hone your skills at answering tough questions about health care reform, honoring the questioner and her concern while making your point.
1. Are you talking about Socialized Medicine? Won’t that destroy the “free enterprise System”.
2. Why should legitimate tax payers buy health care for those who don’t contribute?
3. Wouldn't Universal Health Care result in excessive wait time for services?
4. Why should we entrust health care to costly and inefficient government bureaucracies?
5. Nice idea, but politically… (naïve, impossible, etc.)
6.- 100.
When:  Saturday, July 26, 1-5 p.m.
Where: Mennonite Village Lakeside Center & Wellness Center (where HCAO events have been in the past).
5353 SE Columbus St
Albany, Oregon 97321