MVHCA Presence At the Wellness Fair at the First Alternative Co-ops

On Saturday Jan. 10 Mid-Valley Advocates Shelley Ries, Bobbi Hall, Jim Gore and Max Jones joined other vendors tabling in the Wellness Fair at the First Alternative Co-ops—at the north store in the morning and the south store in the afternoon. Talking to new people about the rally Feb. 11 and the need to provide healthcare for all is always educational, and among others we talked to:   a teacher who reported that over the last 20 years she has seen the health of her students decline sharply; a juggler who favors universal publicly funded health care and hopes to do some juggling at the rally; a vendor who at age 44 is "totally thrilled” because for the first time she has health insurance (under expanded Medicaid) and wishes for others to have it too; a shopper with Lyme disease who has received great care from her naturopath and is excited to have comprehensive health care for all that includes naturopaths as practitioners; a shopper who has seen his employer’s health insurance costs go up even as the deductibles have risen ever higher and cancelled out his annual raises. Let’s all talk to our neighbors about these important issues!
(Roberta Hall)

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