Social Media Contractor Needed

Job description—MVHCA Social Media Contractor

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates ( is a Corvallis volunteer, non-partisan, 501 (c) (3) organization working for universal publicly funded health care in Oregon, and a coalition member of Health Care for All Oregon (

MVHCA seeks a freelance social media contractor to begin work in 2016. The person will work from home, under contract, from January 1 through September 30, 2016, under guidance of the MVHCA Board of Directors. Compensation is $550 for 35-40 hours per month. The incumbent will fulfill tasks as follows:

  • Assist in managing Facebook and Twitter accounts, create posts and events, grow followers, share posts from other organizations, publicize MVHCA events and blog posts. Post at least five times per week.

  • Assist in managing the MVHCA website, ensuring that blog posts, calendar, and events are up to date. Update the site at least once a week.

  • Create content appropriate to the mission and goals of MVHCA's grant.

  • Create and share content that informs the public about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Oregon, including information about the InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO), the IHN-CCO Community Advisory Council, and its local Committees. Publish information on deadlines for signing up for insurance and where and when Benton County residents can get health care insurance enrollment assistance.

  • Communicate with the MVHCA Board and Committees, report in writing to the MVHCA Board on a regular basis, and remain informed of the needs of the organization by attending Communications Committee and Advocates meetings as the contractor’s schedule permits and reading and commenting on minutes and email exchanges as appropriate.

  • Track website and social media metrics, submit monthly reports to the MVHCA Board of Directors, and provide 3 quarterly grant reports.

  • Work within MVHCA’s adopted protocols for social media usage and if needed suggest modifications to those protocols to avoid conflict with IRS regulations pertaining to nonprofit lobbying.

  • Have at least one year of documented experience managing website content and social media.

This part-time position pays $550 per month for 35-40 hours of work. It requires a skilled and deadline-focused content manager who is able to track the progress of Oregon's health care transformation and provide useful information on the website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. The contractor must be a creative thinker and self-starter, able to work independently as well as in collaboration with others. If you are interested in this position and have the requisite skill set, please send a copy of your CV or resume with two professional references and cover letter describing your experience to The position is open until filled.

Protocols for MVHCA use of social media

Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates intends to employ internet social media, including its own website, to expand its effective outreach to the public regarding health care reform. In doing so, MVHCA intends to abide by the following protocols and develop others, as needed:
1) MVHCA will never, at any time, endorse any candidate for office;
2) “Endorsement” includes “liking” a candidate’s Face Book page;
3) MVHCA will abide by the limitations on “lobbying” required by any grant funds it receives;
4) While MVHCA supports health care reform, including the establishment of a single payer system, it will not advocate for the passage of specific legislation pertaining to the establishment of a health care system beyond the limits established for 501 (c )(3) organizations;
5) MVHCA will not publish direct links to an incumbent’s or candidate’s website or other social media such as Facebook and Twitter;
6) MVHCA may publish links to a nonpartisan voter’s guides created by other organizations as long as all candidates were provided an opportunity to participate in the guide;
7) MVHCA will not publish links to organizations which might support or oppose specific candidates;
8) MVHCA will not post any comment on a candidate’s social media site;
10) MVHCA may sponsor candidate forums and other electoral events, and advertise same on its social media, only if all candidates were given an equal opportunity to attend and participate;
11) MVHCA may report on the proceedings of candidate forums or debates on its social media, as long as postings are objective and no candidate is favored over the others;
12) MVHCA may also invite all candidates for a given office to submit guest postings as long as the following criteria are followed:
a) All legally qualified candidates are invited to participate
b) MVHCA will post a disclaimer that the views posted are those of the candidates and not necessarily those of the organization
c) All postings will be represented in a neutral manner, with questions and format favoring neither one candidate or another
d) The postings should represent a broad range of issues, not just a single issue.
13) Any postings MVHCA makes about candidates should be accompanied by the disclaimer that “MVHCA does not support or oppose specific candidates” and ask that others making posts also avoid specific endorsements or comments about candidates;
14) Any employee or contractor of MVHCA shall avoid engaging in political activity on their personal social media while simultaneously associating themselves with MVHCA;
15) MVHCA cannot be held accountable for any candidate publishing a link to its social media for any purpose.