Corvallis Inaugurate Social Justice March

On January 20, MVHCA joined many other groups from Oregon State University and Corvallis to demonstrate for social justice. As many as 1,000 people (many of them OSU students) marched from campus to the riverfront park. The highlight for MVHCA was at the end of the march when the entire crowd chanted "Everybody In, Nobody Out!" over and over.

Thank you Dick Behan for being our photographer at the march.

March and Rally for Social Justice on Inauguration Day

Don't sit home and worry this Friday, come out and demonstrate with us.

March and Rally on Friday Jan. 20, 2017
Health Care supporters will join other community members who support social justice and a clean environment in a march and rally beginning at 3:00 p.m. FRIDAY the 20th. We will meet at 3:00-3:10 at 11th and Monroe, organize our banner and sign carriers, and then join others for a rally at Central Park at 3:30. About 4:30, we will be at the Odd Fellows Lodge on 2nd Street, next to Grass Roots and New Morning Bakery, and enjoy warm drinks and conversation


Inaugurate Social and Eco Justice Demonstration - Friday, January 20


On Friday, Jan. 20, Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, along with many other groups working toward social justice, will be part of a march and short rally that is billed as a Community Organizing event. It will begin on the OSU campus around 3:00 at the Student Experience Center Plaza, under the big translucent canopy, just east of the Memorial Union on campus (Jefferson street).  The parade will proceed toward and along Monroe, weaving around town, and stopping briefly at Central Park. As dusk approaches, all will be welcomed at the Odd Fellows Hall on 2nd Street for hot cider, conversation, and networking. Titled “Inaugurate Social and Eco Justice,” the event's goal is to showcase issues that our community cares about and will be working on in 2017.

MVHCA members will meet on Monroe at 11th Street at 3:10 to distribute “Health Care For All Oregon” and “Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates” banners and gown-plus-bun costumes so we will be ready to join the procession. Please meet us there as we move into a season of activism! E-mail Bobbi if you have questions,