Earn Money for HCAO While You Shop at Fred Meyer

Here is an easy way to earn money for Health Care for ALL Oregon Education Fund while you shop at Fred Meyer. It's easy and the 1% of the money you spend that is donated to HCAO-EF is in addition to the rewards you receive for yourself. Consider doing this before your next shopping trip.

Here is what you do-

Create and account on the Fred Meyer Website. Then go to the Community Rewards Page under the rewards tab or the above link, and register your Fred Meyer Rewards card number (or create a virtual FM Rewards card number that you can use at stores).

Then enroll your card with the HCAO-EF account

Just click on the option for the HCAO-EF account (#88868) and your card will be linked to donate a percentage of what you spend to HCAO-EF!

Please notice there is a box you can check when you create your account to say you don't want to receive emails.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to connect your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Health Care for ALL Oregon Education Fund so that we can raise the funds needed to win true universal health care in Oregon.