Video Summary of Local CCO Activity

Here is the July IHN-CCO meeting held in Lebanon.  Even though it’s 5 months old it gives a good idea of how we hope health care is delivered under a single payer system. InterCommunity Health Network CCO invited community members to join them on July 6, 2015, in Lebanon, to discuss the future of health care in our local counties. This recording captures the update reports from CCO leaders and interaction with the audience.

The major flaws in the CCO system are not addressed in the video, e.g., CCOs involve only the Medicaid population which churns in and out of eligibility because of factors out of their control, and most of the CCOs are privately owned operations with very little public oversight.

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CCO Celebration Press Release

By Betty Johnson of MVHCA and HCAO:

Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa welcomes guests to the celebration

Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa welcomes guests to the celebration

Midst balloons, flowers  and birthday cake, residents, Oregon Health Plan members, health care providers  and community partners celebrated the third anniversary of InterCommunity Health Care Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO) , Wednesday , July 29th at the Albany  public Library.  

Health Heroes were applauded, health care providers told stories about unprecedented collaboration and improvements in services.   IHN-CCO leaders including CEO Kelley Kaiser, spoke about current and future challenges as that organization leads the transformation of health care for members of the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)  in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties.

Dick Knowles, Chair, Linn Local Advisory Committee , announced Karen Keon Levy  as a Health Hero for her leadership as Project Coordinator for the Linn-Benton Health Equity Alliance.He cited her strong presence on Facebook and her endless efforts to keep everyone informed and included  by connecting, respecting and educating Linn and Benton County residents.

Miao Zhao, Inreach Clinic Manager ,introduced Rev. George Matland, Founder and president of Signs of Victor Mission, as another Health Hero.   She praised his dependable  leadership of the team including OHSU nursing students who collaborated on the successful tobacco cessation project with  homeless persons who frequent the
Signs of Victor Mission.

Phi Warnock, Transportation Program Manager for Ride-Line, Oregon Cascade West Council of Governments, was designated as a third Health Hero.    His development of a greatly expanded non-emergent medical transportation system was praised.  Ride-Line now has twenty-three providers under contract to transport OHP members to non-emergent medical appointments, compared to nine contractors in its early beginning.  In addition Linn County members alone have experienced 173,471 trips in the past two years !  

Frank Moore, Administrator of Linn County Health Services, was introduced as the fourth Health Hero by Dick Knowles who has known him many years because of his role with the Linn Mental Health Advisory Committee.  Knowles cited Frank Moore’s major accomplishments in implementation of transformation of health services  working with IHN-CCO, particularly in the mental health in cooperation with other counties.  Knowles credited him with always seeing “the big picture”.


CCO Celebration Video

On August 12, 2014, MVHCA hosted a celebration of 2 years of coordinated health care provided by InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO). Thank you Maegan Prentice for recording, editing, and uploading the video of this successful event. For more MVHCA events see our Calendar and Upcoming Events pages. Photos here.

What does it mean to have coordinated care? Watch and find out.

Letter: Medical School’s Possible Expansion Continues Health Care Transition

In the process of gaining true universal health care, we will need many more practitioners. Here is Amy Roy's Letter to the Editor Published in the Corvallis Gazette Times on September 5, 2014.

I was pleased to read that the medical school in Lebanon (COMP-Northwest) is considering adding programs for physical therapy and nurse practitioners (Lebanon medical school considers adding programs, Gazette-Times, Aug. 30). This is good news for Oregon and especially for the three counties served by the InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO) which is charged with caring for the Oregon Health Plan members of Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties.

Gov. Kitzhaber’s innovative health care transformation plan revolves around primary care homes which provide the wrap-around services that will help people be healthier and therefore require less expensive care.

The COMP-Northwest expansion will train nurse practitioners who will be able to do much of the routine care so that the primary care physicians can concentrate on the sicker, more complicated cases.

Doctors and nurses tend to stay near where they were trained, so this medical school is a great asset to our community. I am very pleased that so many people in Oregon are finally receiving the care they need thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the innovation the Oregon Health Authority is implementing, and am hopeful that the need for physicians and nurses is going to be fulfilled soon thanks to COMP-Northwest.

Read letter here.

A Successful Celebration of CCO Success!

A large and diverse group of people attended the August 12 CCO Celebration sponsored by MVHCA, League of Women Voters of Corvallis, Health Care for ALL Oregon-Abany, Interfaith Health Care Network, and Corvallis Physicians for a National Health Program. At MVHCA we are taking a keen interest in the Coordinated Care model because we realize that Oregon doesn't just need to change the financing of health care to a publicly funded (or single payer) system, but also needs to transform how care is delivered to give everyone the care they need when they need it in an equitable and affordable way.

Assisters from the Benton County Health Department were on hand to provide information about signing up for health care coverage.


There was an amusing and educational skit about the difference between the old way of providing care and the coordinated way making use of Patient Centered Primary Care Homes (PCPCH). In this photo MVHCA Chair Ron Green holds the title card while Ann Brodie introduces the skit.

The skit illustrated how the focus of the PCPCH is centered on the patient, and services like physical, mental, and dental health are coordinated to give the patient better health, better care, for a lower cost -- known as the Triple Aim.  Here, the "Old Way" Dr. Sorry Imlate, played by Mike Huntington, takes a phone call from his wife while patient Shelley Ries waits and wonders why he has no time for her list of questions.

Following Dr. Sorry Imlate,  "CCO Way" Dr Still Imalate, played by Tessa Green,  took the time to examine the patient and introduce her to a councilor who will help her with her depression.


After the skit, Dr. Kristen Bradford, MD, Medical Director , Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties, shared stories from Oregon Health Plan members about how having affordable coverage has changed their lives.

Judy Sundquist, MPH, RD, discussed the metrics that are used to measure the performance of Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations and commended InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization (IHN-CCO) for it's improvements in access to care, immunizations for adolescents, patient satisfaction, medical assistance with smoking/tobacco cessation, and developmental screening of children - first 36 months.


Judy introduced the panelists who spoke about how much the change to coordinated care has helped them in serving the Oregon Health Plan (OHP/Medicaid) members who are in their charge.  The panelists consisted of Kelley Kaiser, CEO of IHN-CCO; Sherlyn Dahl, BSN, MPH, Director of the Federally Qualified Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties; Kevin Ewanchyna,  MD, Chief Medical Officer; and Larry Eby, MD, Chair, IHN-CCO Community Advisory Council. The panelists made the point that the transformation to coordinated care will not only help OHP members, but the improvements will be implemented for everyone needing care. They emphasized that they do not envision a 2-tiered system of health care.

Governor Kitzhaber recorded a video message of congratulations on the 2 year anniversary of IHN-CCO and it's many accomplishments.

There was time for questions from the audience, and then everyone enjoyed the refreshments.

Thank you to all who organized, presented, attended, and asked insightful questions. A special thanks to Mina Carson for taking the photographs used here.


InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization Delivers Medicaid Care In Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties

Meet the chair and coordinator

The Community Advisory Council elected Larry Eby, MD, Albany, as its chair in April, 2013. In a separate action, Rebekah Fowler, PhD, Corvallis, was hired as the coordinator for the volunteer body.

Eby is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and practiced medicine mainly as a general surgeon in Ohio, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria and briefly as an emergency room physician in Newport. He has been active in health care access and improvement issues in the Albany and Corvallis areas for several years. Rebekah Fowler, PhD, and Larry Eby, MD

“I am a strong advocate for health delivery reform as a means for improved health outcomes and satisfaction leading to lower cost,” said Eby. “My son, Dr. Douglas Eby, is vice-president for medical services for the South Central Foundation, which is the agency for medical care for much of the Alaska Native population. There he has been one of the architects of a delivery system that is being copied in many other parts of the U.S. and Canada, especially their Patient-Centered Medical Home system. He was in this area about two years ago and spoke to several groups in Corvallis and Albany. I have visited Medical Homes in Alaska on several occasions and have seen how their system works. This is my strongest asset to bring to any role within the coordinated care system.”

As the Council’s chair, Eby also serves as a voting member of InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization's (IHN-CCO) Governing Board.

View live video of Eby's address during a recent public meeting hosted by IHN-CCO.

Fowler, the Council’s coordinator, works council representatives to ensure that they have the support they need to meet the requirements spelled out by the Oregon Health Authority in its contract with IHN-CCO.

Previous to her work on the Council, Fowler, a native Oregonian, coordinated Oregon Health Plan member advisory councils for the Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance. She also worked to develop non-traditional health worker programs within that agency’s five-county region. She holds a doctorate in social psychology and a master’s of science in experimental psychology.

“I look forward to working with the Council and applying my strong commitment to transforming health care through effective collaboration and communication,” said Fowler.

“With the selection of Dr. Eby as chair, and Dr. Fowler as coordinator, our Advisory Council now has all the elements in place to begin their work to oversee a regional health improvement plan that supports Oregon’s triple aim of better health, better care and lower cost of care,” said Kelley Kaiser, chief executive officer of IHN-CCO.

The Advisory Council also works with IHN-CCO to identify and advocate for preventive care practices, oversees a community health assessment, and annually publishes a report on the progress of the improvement plan.

The public is welcome to attend any meeting of the Advisory Council and participate during the public comment period allowed. Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes of the Advisory Council are published on this website. Anyone wishing to receive an email notice of events can sign up for this service.