"White Like Me" Coming to Corvallis and Albany

"White Like Me" is an exploration of race and racism in the US through the lens of whiteness and white privilege. It reassesses the American ideal of meritocracy and the claims that we've entered a post-racial society. Discussion afterward will be led by Ann Mbacke.

The film will also be screened at the Albany Public Library (2450 14th Ave SE) on October 11, 2015 at 4pm. Discussion afterward will be led by Javier Cervantes. Please see the FB event for that screening; Share & Invite to both!

This film serves as an introduction to Tim Wise's live lecture October 14, 2015 in Albany at LBCC's Forum Lecture Hall (F104) at 2pm and in Corvallis at OSU's LaSells Stewart Center at 7pm.

All of the events are free and the public is very welcome.