Critical Condition.  (2007) A film by Roger Weisberg

Fix it:  Healthcare at the Tipping Point.  Documentary by V. Mandillo & R. Master

Healthcare Hearings, Oregon Legislature 2015, 4 discs – one of 72 min; three of 26 min. each.

*The Healthcare Movie, narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. (2011) 65 min. 

  Addendum: The Second Stage of Medicare, 10 min.

Health, Money and Fear, produced by a local ER doctor.  Dr. Paul Hochfeld

Money-Driven Medicine:  What’s Wrong with American Health Care and How to Fix It based on the book by Maggie Mahar of the same title.  86 min.

MVHCA Workbook & Reference.  Created by Stan Taylor.  Multiple copies:  if you need one, keep one.

*Sick Around the World:  Other Rich Countries Have Universal Healthcare.  Why Don’t We? (2008)

 60 min.  Frontline, PBS.  After T. R. Reid, The Healing of America.

*Sicko, by Michael Moore.  A documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, plus HMO horror stories. (2007)

*Available in the Corvallis Public Library.

All are available in the MVHCA Bookmobile at general (fourth Monday) meetings.