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Dated Feb 2, 2017, From Stuart Henderson in Florence


After years of promising to do away with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Republicans have their chance. Their attempts will create a different set of winners and losers as big insurance crafts a for-profit business plan that will have little to do with health and much to do with the corporate bottom line.

Inevitably the model fails because of the large segments of the population that will be left to fend for themselves. Insurance corporations’ insistence to keep their hands in the health care money pot will be the downfall of the GOP attempt.

You might be surprised to learn that the answer is waiting in the wings in Oregon in 2020. A dedicated array of doctors, nurses, health professionals, business men and women, and thousands of citizens of all ages have been tirelessly organizing for a health care system that serves everyone in Oregon — that is equitable, affordable and able to provide high-quality universal health care, all while saving millions of dollars by employing a Medicare for All (single payer) system.

Please get used to the concept of single payer and research the success of countries that have employed it for decades. Visit the Health Care for All Oregon website at hcao.org and get involved.

When the time comes we will need every enlightened vote to overcome the vested interests and misleading advertisements authorized by Big Insurance and their corporate and political allies like those that helped defeat a similar measure in Colorado this year.

Stuart Henderson, Florence