Knock Every Door (KED) Canvassing



National Nurses United, with help from Knock Every Door and Our Revolution, is using a big organizing model in a constant, ongoing campaign for single payer healthcare. Together we are building an army of activists across the country to place enormous pressure on establishment politicians to pass Medicare for All. In other words, we are cultivating mass participation in a nurse-led movement to rebuild democracy through healthcare justice. 

 Through these canvasses, we’ll accomplish three goals:

1)    We will educate our neighbors about Medicare for All

2)    We will generate direct, grassroots pressure (via calls to their offices) on our targets

3)    We will bring supporters that we identify into our movement and activate them to become volunteers

· This strategy is effective with everyone, and has the support of National Nurses United behind it. Use this link to view video.

· At the October 2018 Advocates meeting, Jennifer Carlin related her story about canvassing students and faculty at Western Oregon University in Monmouth last week. She, her mom, and her aunt stood in front of the student union and engaged passersby with openers like, ”Hi I’m a grandma and I’m concerned that everyone, including young people, gets the healthcare they need. Are you also concerned?” In less than two hours they gathered 50 signatures of support for universal healthcare.

· Please join us for several hours of canvassing one Saturday per month through 2019 and beyond until we achieve universal health care. Contact Jenn Carlin at (541) 231-0008‬ / or Mike Huntington at 541-829-1182/