January 23, 2017

 Dear Senator Merkley:

 This letter is regarding President Trump’s nominee Representative Tom Price, a former orthopedic surgeon, for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Rep. Price has received the endorsement of the American medical Association, but many physicians and healthcare advocates are quite concerned about his professional and voting records.

 These actions are described in an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine, the most respected medical journal in the United States and the world (attached). Here are examples of some of the issues Rep. Price has voted AGAINST:

·                •   The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act which improved coverage for mental health in private insurance;

·                •   Regulating tobacco as a drug:

·                •   Expansion of the State Children’s Insurance Program;

·                •   The Violence Against Women Act;

·                •   Legislation prohibiting job discrimination of the basis of gender identity;

·                •   Stem cell research;

·                •   Reforms of provider payment based on quality performance and value of care services delivered;

·                •   Funding for the global fight against AIDS/TB/malaria.

Furthermore, Rep. Price has voted in favor of:

·                •   Making armor-piercing bullets more accessible to the general public;

·                •   Allowing hospitals to turn away Medicare/Medicaid patients seeking care if they could not afford co-pays;

·                •   Physician interest groups holding veto power over the release of comparative effectiveness research findings.

The New England Journal of Medicine editorial lamented that Rep. Price’s record demonstrates a much greater concern for the economic wellbeing of physicians than for patient care. We would like to share with you our deep concerns, and hope that you will consider the above information in you decision.

 Respectfully submitted,

Chinh Le, MD chinlego@comcast.net

Paul Hochfeld, MD phochfeld@msn.com

Jane Huyer, PhD ahuyer@comcast.net

John Gotchall, MD thelayers@comcast.net

Michael Huntington, MD mchuntington@comcast.net

Richard LaFrance, MD richardlafrance@comcast.net

James Nusrala, MD nusrala@peak.orgBruce Thomson, MDbethomson@msn.com

Elizabeth Waldron, MD ralphwaldron@comcast.net

Roberta Hall, PhD rlhall@peak.org

Ronald and Mary Ann Guenther mguenther@comcast.net

Betty Johnson btt.johnson.22@gmail.com

Rochelle Murphy shellym@peak.org

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