Did you know????

11% of Benton County population speaks a language other than English at home?  And 20% of those households do not have an individual who speaks English "very well".
Approximately 20% of Benton County population is living below the federal poverty level.
Hispanic / Latino and Asian Pacific populations continue to grow.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in the county.
These are just a few samples of the comprehensive information in the  Community Health Assessment report distributed by the Benton County Health Department at its kick-off meeting of the Planning Team for the Community Health Improvement Plan, on October 23rd.

The 2012 Community Health Assessment, the first of its kind in over 10 years, synthesizes nine months of assessment and data collection by Benton County Health Department staff.  The Community Health Assessment highlights areas of excellence as well as unmet needs in Benton county.

More than fifty members of the community, representing schools, health care, community groups, cities and Benton County have been invited to begin the process of reviewing the Community Health Assessment, defining priority needs and ultimately drafting a Community Health Improvement Plan for Benton County.
Betty Johnson, member of Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, is participating as one of fifteen persons representing various community groups.

It is intended that the Community Health Improvement Plan will provide guidance to the health department, its partners, and stakeholders for improving the health of the population within the community.