Rally Summary by Bud Laurent

The February 4th Rally for Health Care Reform in Salem can be characterized thus: IT WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS!! Nothing with so many moving parts ever comes off perfectly, but if there were glitches and goof-ups, they were more than compensated for by the turn-out (at least 1,000 committed supporters from ALL OVER Oregon), the level of positive energy and enthusiasm, and the general karma of the event as reflected in the faces and attitudes of all of the participants.

I am especially proud of our Mid-Valley contingent – not only did we provide more than 120 participants to the rally, but everyone with a role to play performed wonderfully- MVHCA was one well-oiled human machine! While there are many individuals responsible for creating a fantastic event, two especially stand out for achieving TWO FULL BUSES of happy riders from Corvallis and Albany, with additional riders from Newport and Bandon: Bobbi Hall and Dagmar Johnson. And – – MVHCA raised several hundred dollars by selling our new bumper stickers and “Rosie” buttons at the rally!

Congratulations to HCAO for doing a great job on their first mass event. (Dr. Mike
Huntington, as usual, knocked himself out by doing all the stage and sound system set-up.) As Corvallis’ own Dr. Hsichao Chow, president of the local PNHP chapter (and also a bus rider), was quoted as saying: “…the momentum is building!”



Here are a couple of videos in the media from the rally:

This Friday morning, February 8, the Oregon Public Health Association will unveil its legisaltive goals at the capitol.