MVHCA at Corvallis Sustainability Fair

At the Mar. 12 Sustainability Fair MVHCA was asked to have interactive features so we made lots of photo petitions—25 in the two hours we had! On the right panel of our display board was an actual photo petition and a note inviting people to tell their legislators their advocacy for universal health care—and this made it easy to describe to people what we asked them to do. Thanks to Don Hall for processing them to send to HCAO for their website. In 2 hours we made 25 photos!

Don Hall made the diagrams for our board. Shelley Ries, Maxine Eckes, Jim Gore, and Bobbi Hall were the regular volunteers. and MVHCA Chair, Ron Green, stopped by and gave our hard-working volunteers some time off to get food at the fair. A busy and successful time! Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers!

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